Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

This is how liquid nitrogen is used to make ice cream:

The process of making ice-cream using liquid nitrogen is simply awesome! Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of negative 321 degrees fahrenheit when dispensed. As soon as the liquid  nitrogen touches the cream, it starts to freeze.

This process is so fast that the cream doesn't form ice crystals.  The small size of the ice crystals formed during this freezing process are imperceptible to the human palate, creating a unique creamy texture in the mouth.

Neil Equipment has developed the safest, most reliable and affordable nitrogen ice-cream machine with the most effective dosing system using 100% stainless steel. This system will allow you to prepare ice-cream, puffed cereal, cocktails and more.

Liquid nitrogen is easily and efficiently controlled with the manual lever to dose the right amount of liquid nitrogen for your ice-cream, yogurt, sorbets, coctails, and more!

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