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Convert Your Dream Ice Cream Shop To Profitable Business.

Amazing Ice Cream Business Concept to Elevate into New Scales!


Why Make Ice Cream With Liquid Nitrogen? This Is Safe?

This element is characterized by being extremely cold (it is found at a temperature of -321°F) and, therefore, allows creams to be frozen instantly. Upon contact with the cream, liquid nitrogen evaporates quickly, creating a kind of cold smoke that envelops the cream and gives it a smooth and creamy texture. Liquid nitrogen is used daily in the culinary world to freeze food and yes, it is perfectly safe after evaporating into the cream.

What Is The Difference Between Nitrogen Ice Cream And Traditional Ice Cream?

The difference is too much, consuming a nitrogen ice cream experiences a totally different sensation, the natural flavors are maintained, the smells and colors are not altered, the texture is velvety, it is compact, more than an Italian gelato, we are excited to assure you that It is the best ice cream in the universe.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

In Addition To Nitrogen Ice Cream, Can I Freeze Other Products?

Of course, any liquid product can be frozen with liquid nitrogen, including: yogurts, non-dairy, sherbet, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, etc. All of these creams can be frozen to an incredible texture, which would be impossible to achieve with other freezing methods.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Cone

All the flavors of the world, without the need to prepare and maintain an inventory of products in refrigerators, make it easier to offer more flavors than traditional ice cream shops while keeping inventory low and reducing costs, as well as providing customers with a completely fresh product.

How Many Flavors Can I Have In My Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor?

The Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine Is Suitable For All Markets.

Nitrogen Gelato Ice Cream

Why Is Nitrogen Ice Cream Creamier?

The ice cream made with nitrogen has an incredibly creamy texture thanks to the freezing process that prevents the crystallization of the cream, very common in most traditional ice cream parlors. With nitrogen, you will be able to provide your customers with the creamiest, highest quality ice cream.


Find All The Products And Supplies You Need For Your Ice Cream Shop

From a spoon to a refrigerator. You will find everything in our small but complete list of products and supplies for your nitrogen ice cream parlor, including the best mixes and flavorings to start with success. We have selected the best products for months, the mixes, toppings, syrups, will delight your guests.


The nitrogen ice cream parlors allows you to be creative without limits, any dessert is perfectly achievable, simple and quick to prepare, the times are over when to create a new product it was necessary to throw away raw material in trials, no more loss of materials , with small quantities you can create innovative and delicious products.

Do Not Limit Yourself To The Traditional. You Have The Opportunity To Be Unique


A Minimalist, Ecological And Modern Ice Cream Parlor Concept

The concept of a nitrogen ice cream parlor is substantially much smaller than a traditional ice cream parlor, basically because it is not necessary to have so many refrigerators and expensive ice cream machines.

We Are Industry Leaders With Over 500 Machines Sold Worldwide.