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Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop Start-Up Costs

Not necessarily the cost of opening a nitrogen ice cream parlor is as expensive as opening a restaurant or other food service places, opening a nitrogen ice cream parlor still carries some expenses. Typically, opening an ice cream shop will cost you between $80,000 and $250,000. However, this figure has many variables depending on whether you want to buy or rent a location, buy new equipment (recommended), or cheaper used equipment. Here we indicate some of the most important expenses that you will have to pay during the process of opening an ice cream shop.

Moder Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop

Initial Payment

Purchasing a brick and mortar for your ice cream parlor will be a very significant expense. Although a loan is usually taken out for such a large expense, a down payment of around 15-20% of the cost should be expected. You also have the option of renting, the detail is that getting a good location to rent is hard work.

Property Renovations Costs

Buying a location or food truck is rarely enough to get you ready for opening, so you'll likely need to spend money on renovations and construction. If you do not have a general contractor on hand, it would be important to ask your land lord, we recommend contacting at least three general contractors, they are very segmented, some are highly expensive, but with a reputation and there are others that are very cheap, be careful with the cheap ones , before giving a check or money, you should know your location, where your office is located, if you are legally registered with the city and with the county as a contractor.

Ice Cream Shop Equipment & Supplies

To produce, store, and sell nitrogen ice cream, you need to invest in a variety of appliances and equipment. Here you have some necessary equipment and supplies, but don't worry, below this post you have the post with everything you need for your nitrogen ice cream parlor.


Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine



Food Preparation

Serving Supplies

Restaurant Furniture

Powder Mixes

Two Door Worktop Undercounter Freezer

Nitrogen Ice Cream and Supplies Inventory

Midnight Scoop - Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper for Hard Ice Cream

Buying all the necessary ingredients, utensils, and containers for your nitrogen ice cream parlor can be expensive. But don't worry, here are some suggestions.








Employee Wages

Running an ice cream parlor will require a handful of managers, employees, and staff who must be paid a reasonable salary. You will need a manager, employees for the kitchen, for the counter and to prepare ice cream for customers.

Advertising Budget

You will need an advertising budget to run digital marketing campaigns and attract new customers. But don't worry, we recommend a very creative advertising agency.

POS System

A POS system goes a long way in streamlining the ordering process, inventory management, and sales reporting, making it a great investment for new ice cream shops.

Permits and Licensing

Opening an ice cream shop requires you to receive various permits and licenses, some of which come with fees. Before you can legally open your ice cream shop and begin making sales, you'll need to acquire the right business licenses and permits. A few of the most important ones are listed below, but be sure to double-check with local laws and seek legal counsel to ensure your ice cream shop has everything it needs to open.


Business License:

Business licenses are legal requirements to operate in your industry and location, and may vary by city, county, and state.



Employee Identification Number: Your nitrogen ice cream shop will require a nine-digit IRS Employee Identification Number before employees and staff can be hired. Every company in the United States has a unique employee identification number for identification purposes.


Sales Tax Exemption:

A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate legally authorizes your business as a collector of sales tax. Many states and local areas require a seller's permit, so be sure to check your local and state laws.


Health Permit:

To sell any prepared food product, including nitrogen ice creams, a health permit confirming safety and sanitation is required. Health permits are generally handled by county and local governments, which means that health permit laws and regulations can vary even from city to city.

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