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nitrogen dispenser
nitrogen dispenser
nitrogen dispenser


Built with 100% stainless steel (food grade) ensuring non-oxidation and allowing to make liquid nitrogen ice cream at the moment for your customers, this device is the most safest and economical in the market, allowing to the small entrepreneurs to start up their ice cream shop with few resources, you place the NES DRAGON1, on any side from your own mixer and start making the most delicious nitrogen ice cream and dragon's cereals desserts, your customers will be surprised by the cloud and creaminess of their nitrogen ice cream.

Compact in size, light in weight, easy to mount, safe to operate and energy saving.

Convert your own food mixer in a nitrogen ice cream machine with this device, built in 100% stainless steel 316L (food grade), convenient to start your liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour, robust, and elegant, with silver finish (powder coating system) this device placed next to the food mixer, no matter which side you are going to use, the handle opening is designed to work on both sides, the dosing system is designed to have a consumption of 180ml at 10psi per minute, enough to freeze a mixture of 8 ounces of product, being the most efficient and economical extraction device on the market, you need to be connected with a cryogenic hose to a nitrogen dewar.

Contiguous U.S. only


$990.00/ Each

Traditionally equipment ships with-in 10 to 12 days

Other Available Systems:

Technical data

Technical Details

Consumption of electricity: N/A

Electrical installation: N/A


Crate dimensions: Length 18" x Width 12" x Height 6"

Equipment dimensions: Length 4" x Width 8" x Height 13"


Gross weight with crate: 8 lbs

Net weight: 7 lbs


Production capacity: 30 / 40 cups served per hour.

Serving size: 6/8oz.

Mixer is not included

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