nitrogen ice cream machine


  • Our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine that freezes water based ice cream (lime, mango etc.) or milk based (chocolate, vanilla etc.).

  • Ideal for ice cream parlors, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Perfect for your business if NSF certification is required

  • Our liquid nitrogen dosage system (Included in the machine) freezes the ice cream and desserts easily and fast.​

  • It is a 5 qt. Commercial-grade machine for nitrogen ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, dragon's breath and açai bowls.

  • Machines are manufactured with a cast aluminum body and food grade powder-coat finish.

  • Serving 35 to 40 cups per hour in batches from 5oz. or more (On average) ​

  • Our liquid nitrogen dosage system is a 100% stainless steel (food grade) system that allows liquid nitrogen to be dispensed easily and consumed safely.

  • The ice cream produced by the NES 5 is similar, if not the same quality and artisan ice cream.


Contiguous U.S. only


$2,350.00/ Each

Traditionally equipment ships with-in 10 to 12 days

Other Available Systems:

NES Dragon1.png


35 to 40 cups of ice cream per hour up to 10 liters per cycle.

Exclusive Start-Stop System

Longer lasting equipment shelf life. Savings up to 70% energy compared to tradicional competition.

Inlet for ingredients
A stainless steel bowl avoids mixture accumulation and it is easy to operate.

Designed exclusively for hard cream and solid ingredients.

No ice cristal in the ice cream
The freezing process is so fast that the cream does not lose its molecular structure, avoiding ice crystals.

Ice cream quality
Does not alter the flavors, odors or colors of your ice cream and frozen desserts.

Light and Durable
Easy to move. Performs very well on hard ice cream.

Easy to clean and 100% hygienic.

The machine automatically shuts off when the bowl leveler is lowered.

Hand operation
Easy and fast placement and removal of the flat beater.

Nitrogen doser system
High resistance to temperature changes, food grade, high quality cryogenic valve with TFM seals, exceeds the low temperature range of -346°F


Comfortable height for easy operation. Control panel easy to operate. Light weight, can move it from one place to another without problem.


1. The NES5 is a dream come true to anyone who wants to get into the ice cream industry. With a relatively low investment, this system for  nitrogen ice cream pays of itself in a short period of time.

2. The creaminess of the ice cream is incomparable. The ice crystals is imperceptible, and all of the high-end technology used in large machines is also applied in this machine, at reduced costs.

3. It facilitates the production of real "artisan" like ice cream, carefully done, with natural ingredients and the introduction of fruits, granules, chocolates, etc.

4. It allows small quantities of ice cream production per beat (from 5oz.), which is very important for people that work with a variety of flavors.

5. The ice cream is produced in few seconds, avoiding the formation of ice crystals and the undesirable “sandy” texture caused by the traditional sluggish equipment.

6. Previous knowledge about ice cream production is not required.

7. Easy to operate, install, and transport.

8. The best production / time rate compared to other conventional equipment.

9. Ice cream made with NES5 is guaranteed to be better. Not only is it more hygienic, but also provides better texture, flavor, color, time of conservation, and others qualities easily noticed by consumers who care about these qualities.

Technical data

Technical Details

Consumption of electricity: 720 Watts

Electrical installation: 110V Monophase 60Hz


Crate dimensions: Length 18" x Width 14" x Height 20"

Equipment dimensions: Length 13" x Width 16" x Height 17"


Gross weight with crate: 42 lbs

Net weight: 40 lbs


Production capacity: 35/40 cups served per hour

Serving size: 5/8oz.

nitrogen ice cream machine