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Starting your own Nitrogen Ice Cream Business is Wonderful

Nitrogen Ice Cream Machines ​& Cryogenic Equipments for Ice Cream

Our Nitrogen Ice Cream Machines is a dream come true to anyone who wants to get into the ice cream industry, with a relatively low investment, this system for  nitrogen ice cream pays of itself in a short period of time.

Ideal for ice cream parlors, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Perfect for your business if NSF certification is required. Our liquid nitrogen dosage system (Included in the machine) freezes the ice cream and desserts easily and fast.​ Commercial-grade machine for nitrogen ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, dragon's breath and açai bowls. Machines are manufactured with a cast aluminum body and food grade powder-coat finish. Serving 40 to 45 cups per hour in batches from 5oz. or more (On average). The liquid nitrogen dosage system is a 100% stainless steel (food grade) system that allows liquid nitrogen to be dispensed easily and consumed safely. Easy and quick connection to your liquid nitrogen cryogenic hose. The ice cream produced by NES Series is extremely superior in texture and creaminess than artisanal ice cream.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

NES 7 - Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine with stainless steel dosifier system

NES 5 - Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine with stainless steel dosifier system

NES 10 - Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine with stainless steel dosifier system

NES DRAGON - Nitrogen Ice Cream Device with stainless steel dosifier system

cryogenic transfer hose.jpg

Hose Master 48" Cryogenic Hose w/ SS Guard For Nitrogen Service

Worthington 50LDB Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 50 L, 182 Day Static Hold Time

Worthington 35LDB Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 35 L, 152 Day Static Hold Time


Worthington - Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal System for Dewars


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