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Complete List of Products for your Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor.

Updated: 6 days ago

We updated this article in January 2023 to ensure it reflected current prices, refrigerator and freezer features. We independently review everything we recommend. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

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If you have read all or a large part of our blog, welcome to know the complete list of equipment, machines, product and supplies that your nitrogen ice cream shop needs to operate satisfactorily from the start of your new store, this post is not dedicated to making reviews of products like other blogs, basically because if you are in this section you must already know how interesting and successful a nitrogen ice cream parlor is, we are the pioneers in this sector, with more than 8 years working and satisfying the needs of clients around the world. world, then we welcome you back and we hope that this guide will be a reference for the start of your nitrogen ice cream parlor.


Refrigerator - KoolMore RIR-2D-GD - 47 cu. ft. - 54" Wide.

KoolMore - RIR-2D-GD 54"

Your Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor Deserves The Best Stylish And Convenient Double Door Industrial Reach-In Refrigerator KoolMore is made of stainless steel, with 2 glass doors, so you can quickly check inventory.


Arctic Air AUC48R 48" Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator

The Arctic Air AUC48R undercounter refrigerator has a heavy-duty worktop surface that can be removed if it is not needed. Without the top panel, the overall height is reduced by 1.5 inches so it can fit under shorter countertops.


KoolMore - MDR-2GD-35C 45" 2 Door Display Refrigerator

Keep Must-Have Foods and Drinks Handy for Customers with a Large Glass-Door Refrigerator Designed for Merchandising. When offering customers ice-cold beverages in your convenience store, business, or at the gym, you want to keep drinks organized, cold, and ready to grab and go. That’s why there’s nothing better for your space than this Beverage Display Cooler with multi-tiered adjustable shelving.


PremiumLevella PRF125DX Single Door Refrigerator

12.5 cu ft Merchandiser Display Refrigerator is perfect for any of the following home uses – man cave, she shed, TV room, basement game room, living room, dorm room, or pool houses. It is also perfect for the following commercial uses - offices, break rooms, churches, convenience stores, party stores, gas stations, waiting rooms and lobbies.


NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Powerful and Capable Compressor:The NewAir 90 Can Compact Beverage Fridge features a powerful compressor cooling system that keeps your drinks at a consistently chill 37 degrees for optimum refreshment. Choose from 7 custom thermostat settings to keep beer and soda at the perfect temperature for serving.


Kismile Commercial Ice Maker

This ice machine is made of powder-coating stainless steel, which ensures the sturdiness for long term use. Besides, designed with compact structural feature(21.9” x 17.1” x 32.8"), Kismile ice machine allows you to install anywhere. Note: The drain is gravity fed so your drain system must be BELOW the drain line (located just a few inches above the bottom of the machine).


Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Blender

  • Customizable Preprogrammed Cycles: 30 pre-programmed one-touch cycles + pulse for just about any recipe. Not just a smoothie blender, use specific cycles to make anything from fresh whole juice to cappuccinos, soups, margaritas, bread dough, sauces, dressings, and much more. Downloadable tool allows for creation of unlimited number of customized recipes.


Waring WSB50 Immersion Blender

The Waring WSB50 Big Stik 12” Immersion Blender cranks out the smoothest cream base in seconds. Use with accessory bowl clamp WSBBC for hands-free operation and works great in a high-volume kitchen. Completely sealed 12-inch stainless steel shaft is easily removable and dishwasher safe.


VEVOR Hot Fudge Warmer

Indulge in silky smoothness! The cheese warmer is a great assistant for restaurants. All made of stainless steel, you can adjust its temperature from 30-110℃. The warmer can be used to warm any soup, chili, sauces, nacho cheese, hot fudge, soft caramel.


3" No-Hub Grease Trap with Flow Control, 25 GPM

Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand environments, Zurn's GT2700 series interceptor ensures only clean water will flow into your plumbing. It traps grease inside the unit without risk of corrosion, clogging or cross contamination.


Toast is a platform built for your restaurant and your needs. Toast has restaurant-grade hardware made to withstand everyday spills. The intuitive point of sale (POS) allows you to track orders, manage inventory, grow sales, run your restaurant efficiently, and more. Whether you're a food truck, coffee shop, ghost kitchen, or still building your concept, Toast can fit your unique needs. Operate with confidence knowing Toast is with you every step of the way. Let your staff focus on food and hospitality, not complicated software.


Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine

Musica may be also considered as the entry level for the professional market as it is able to serve about 60 cups a day. Suitable for Homes, Offices, Small coffee bar locations. Compact At only 32 cm, Musica is able to work in both a home and office setting.