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Nitrogen Ice Cream Menu.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

The competition is getting more difficult every day, for this reason you must create a menu without losing the strictly traditional, creating new products is perfectly essential, to be original with new ideas and create a sufficiently attractive menu, the traditional flavors are: Vanilla, Chocolate? and Strawberry, but what about a new flavor? For example, Corn Flakes, who doesn't miss that morning breakfast taste when you were a kid? or Mint-Strawberry, why not? everything is to have imagination, without straying too far from what people like, this is the case when you decide to have a menu, but with the nitrogen ice cream system, there are no limits, because you prepare the cream, the flavoring And the topping to suit the customer and in his presence, in a few seconds, do you think it's okay? Creating thousands of flavors is also fun, it gives you interesting data about what flavors your customers want, keep this in mind.

Nitrogen Shakes

It has been an American classic for decades, but here is an innovation that can be a complete success, a traditional milkshake is prepared with ice cream, milk and any flavoring, in our case it is not like that, it is prepared with a light base cream and flavoring They can be the same as nitrogen ice cream or you can additionally include other flavors. Fruits are a very economical option, but there is more... a milkshake with only fruit doesn't work, you have to reinforce the flavor with a syrup made from the same fruit to enhance the flavor, and this is where the secret is, an exquisite flavor, a thick milkshake and an affordable price that the customer can afford.

Nitrogen Floats

It is another American classic for decades, it is a unique creation that consists of a large scoop of ice cream served in a glass with root beer or other soft drink. The difference is that our ice cream will be with nitrogen, and we can serve it, still with some cloudiness.

Nitrogen Italian Ice

A classic way to cool down on a hot summer day, Italian ice is made from water, sugar, and natural or artificial fruit flavorings. but we can add a very small dose of velutin, velutin is a product produced by manufacturers of raw materials for ice cream parlors, this makes Italian ice more full-bodied.


It is similar to ice cream in appearance and taste, but gelato contains less fat and air, is churned in the nitrogen ice cream machine at a slower speed, and is served at a warmer temperature.

Nitrogen Frozen Yogurt

As its name indicates, frozen yogurt is made with yogurt mix powder that is distributed by factories of raw materials for ice cream parlors, milk and fruit, although we can also invent something with this product, I leave it to your imagination.

Puff Dragon

They are frozen cereals with liquid nitrogen, it is still served with little nitrogen inside, but you have to be careful and do not exaggerate in serving it with too much nitrogen, you can burn a customer's mouth, it is recommended to place a warning notice indicating that you It is not responsible for burns, and suggest to your clients that they know how to consume it.

Nitrogen Ice Cream with Non-Alcoholic Liqueur.

It is an innovative creation, without using real liquor, you can make an ice cream flavored with whiskey or brandy, what's up? It is very easy to prepare, just like other traditional ice cream, but it can be very attractive for adults, even if it does not contain alcohol.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Sandwich

This is another product that you can develop with creativity, you can use a sweet bread, you can do it with cookies and even with waffles, it sounds interesting right? there is a well known company in italy that has available a machine to make a panini filled with ice cream, it also sounds good and sweet.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Taco

It is simple to make and you can make great creations that children will love, it can be made with a very thin waffle, using the same mixture as waffle cones, it is a very good idea.

Nitrogen Waffle Cones

It cannot be missing in your nitrogen ice cream parlor, it is a classic that cannot be missing at any time.

Nitrogen Monster Shakes

If you search the internet for "Monster Shakes" you will find a super variety of incredible and impressive creations, they are so exaggerated that couples share it and enjoy a special, intimate moment between them and sweet, very sweet.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Lactose-Free

We must take into account that there is a market for everything and lactose intolerance affects millions of people in the United States, which directly affects their ability to enjoy nitrogen ice cream and other dairy products. Lactose-free nitrogen ice cream can be made with lactose-free milk and lactose-free cream base, manufacturers have these mixes available for your ice cream parlor. Offering a selection of lactose-free ice creams on your menu is a great way to cater to a subsection of the population and can be a huge competitive advantage over other ice cream parlors that don't carry this product.

Vegan Nitrogen Ice Cream

Similar to lactose-free nitrogen ice cream, dairy-free ice cream has a similar process eliminating dairy from the recipe. There are manufacturers that have a cream base without milk and mixing with ingredients such as almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk. Dairy-free ice cream is a great addition to your menu, appealing not only to lactose-intolerant customers, but also to vegans. Veganism is a growing dietary trend, and offering a selection of ice cream that vegans can enjoy can boost sales and help your nitrogen ice cream parlor establish a loyal consumer base.

Here are several ideas that you should not ignore, with a menu like this, customers have no excuses not to visit your Nitrogen Ice Cream, be creative and guaranteed success.

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