The Cream Dispenser Refrigerator is Ideal to keep the cream base cold at all times, It eases the cream dispensing to the Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine and its innovative design of easy use saves you space besides consuming low energy.

The Cream Dispenser Refrigerator have been designed to refrigerate and dispense all kinds of cream base, ice cream, gelato, yogurt, soy milk, etc. They feature a special piston valve discharging for serving all types of fluid cream. All components of the unit are easy to disassemble for cleaning and sanitizing. The container is made of the shock-proof non toxic polycarbonate material.

NES12 - Ice Cream Dispenser

  • Capacity Container: 12.7 Qt.

    Dimensions: 12".2 x 14".5 x 27".5

    Weight: 36 Lbs

    Box Dimensions: 17".3 x 13".8 x 29".8

    800 Watts

Phone: (786) 775-2897

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