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NES7 Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

NES7 Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

SKU: NES700001

​Easy to operate with no regular maintenance required. ​Digital 5 speed transmission with steel gear drive. Automatic start and stop by simply raising or lowering the bowl. Motor overload protection. Make a single 16 ounce serving up to half gallon batch size. (40/45 single custom servings per hour, on average).

  • Features

    • Cryogenic System 100% Stainless Steel Include
    • ​5 Digital Speed, 110V - 800 Watts
    • ​7 Qt Mixing Bowl and Flat Beater Included
    • ​Robust, Commercial Grade (Not use for Home)
    • ​Easy-to-read digital control panel

    Overall Dimensions and weight:

    • Width: 13" 1/8
    • Depth: 17" 3/4
    • Height: 20" 1/4
    • Weight: 52.55 lbs