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Nitrogen Tank (50 Liters)

Nitrogen Tank (50 Liters)

SKU: nitrogen-tank-50

High performance modern construction and advanced insulation materials assure high thermal efficiency. New rugged construction, ribbed high strength stainless steel body, self pressurizing system


Easy operation, self pressurized, outlet preset to 22psi, can work with 2 nitrogen ice cream machines, no additional accessories are necessary, can easily move from one place to another, convenient to work in outdoor places, 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

It is also convenient to work directly with the nitrogen ice cream machine (using a short cryogenic hose), reducing long lengths of cryogenic hoses and avoiding evaporation.

  • Features

    • 50 liters liquid nitrogen storage dewar

    • 50 liters net capacity, 55 liters gross capacity

    • All S.S. welded construction

    • Caster mounted 3” size (77mm)

    • 18”o.d. (457mm) x 36” (914mm) height

    • 87 lbs. (39.5 kg) empty weight

    • 182 lbs. (87.2 kg) weight full w/ LN2

    • 1.5 Liters/day evaporation

    • 22 PSI (151.8 kPa) operating pressure

    • 100 PSI (690 kPa)Secondary relief

    • Differential pressure liquid level gauge

    • Liquid fill/withdrawal valve, ½” 45 degree male flare outlet

    • Vent valve w/ full trycock, 3/8” NPT outlet

    • Pressure gauge 0-60 PSI

    • Halo ring for plumbing protection

    • Self pressurizing system

    • Regulator set at 20 PSI

    • Operates under 25 PSI DOT threshold

    • 1 Year Warranty