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Withdrawal Device

Withdrawal Device


This liquid nitrogen extraction device allows the 35 liter Dewars to transfer liquid nitrogen at low pressure (10 psi / 0.7 bar). Provides safe dispensing through a jacketed transfer hose to any of our ice cream machines, It must be placed in the neck of the dewar after filling with liquid nitrogen.


Filling a Dewar is accomplished by pressure transfer through the withdrawal device.This filling method allows replenishment of the nitrogen liquid in the Dewar without removing the withdrawal device while keeping the liquid saturated at a pressure sufficient to sustain liquid withdrawal.

  • Features

    • Built with high quality and resistant parts, to provide optimal operation for many years.
    • Its installation is very simple, it does not require prior training.
    • Easy to operate, just open and close the valves when required.
    • High quality materials that prevent oxidation.
    • Specially designed to withstand the low temperatures of liquid nitrogen.