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UPS Delivery:

​For customers within the United States, we offer UPS delivery to your address.  Currently shipping within the United States is $85 for the NES7 machine with insurance.

Shipping the accessories such as NES Dragon1 dispenser, vacuum jacketed transfer hose, dewar, extra bowls and beaters sets, a shipping price will be quoted.

You can always contact us directly with your order and we can Invoice you for payments for Credit Card or set-up for wire transfer.

UPS and Air Freight:

​For customers taking delivery outside the United States, we offer UPS delivery. Email your address for a shipping quote.

If you wish to schedule your own shipping you may do so as long as the equipment can be picked up in Orlando, FL 32832, USA

Factory Pickup:

If you would like to pick up your equipment directly at the Neil Equipment factory, you may do so in Hialeah, Florida.  There is no charge for this option, but you are responsible for transporting your equipment from the factory to its final destination.

Shipping container.

The NES7 machine is shipped in a heavy-duty carton case to your destination.

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